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Help / Instructions

No a whole lot to say here. Hopefully it self explantory.


Charging Instructions

To Charge

  1. Insert the end of the USB cable (B) into your smart phone, tablet charger or computer USB port.
  2. Open the rubber flap next to the charge port (C) with a fingernail. Be carefull not to break the rubber connector.
  3. Insert the mini USB (A) into the charge port (C).
  4. Charge your belt for 12 hours the first time. An LED light next to the port (C) will turn green when the belt has approx 30% charge.

To Use

  1. The switch (D) is used to turn on your belt. It has 2 positions. 1: Is Flashing mode and 2: Is on
  2. Your belt will illuminate up to 10 hours in Flashing mode and around 1-2 hours in allways on mode.


Thats about it. Enjoy playing in the dark!